States Made is a full-service merchandise partner—that means we take care of every part of the process. Merch should be fun and easy, not a logistical headache. See all the things we can take of off your plate.

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Source high-quality american-made goods

We can fulfill almost anything you dream up, and we specialize in making creative, cool products in the USA. Our vast network of manufacturers and union printers produce top-of-the-line, quality items your supporters will want to wear and use. You won’t find us printing on scratchy, ill-fitting tees. Your merch is an extension of your brand and your brand is awesome, so your merch better be awesome, too.


good design

States Made has a network of kickass designers and creatives to bring you fashion-forward designs you’ll want to rock any day of the week. We design based on your brand and demographics, and then union print on premium, American-made products. If you’re bringing your own designs to the table, that’s cool, too. We’ll work side-by-side with your designer, giving our two-cents and expertise.


E-commerce Best practices

The core of our business is selling your merchandise online. We build custom e-commerce stores and connect them directly into your website, providing a seamless experience for your supporters. We build online stores that are optimized for mobile, and we consistently monitor customer data, finding ways to increase conversion rates and average order value (like any e-comm company worth their salt!). We treat your merch store like a legitimate e-commerce business, because it is!

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Union printing + E-commerce fulfillment

We work with the top progressive organizations, state parties and campaigns…. so you better believe we do our printing union! Our network of union printers is built to handle all sorts of items, so you are never limited. We also have a robust and flexible fulfillment system. Not only are we getting orders out to your supporters within 24-48 hrs, we can also fulfill items not connected to your store. Need to get free stickers out to supporters? We got you. Want to create a custom box for volunteers hosting house parties? Bring it on.



Our online stores are fully customizable— we can set it up to collect whatever information you need from your supporters. We’ll work hand-in-hand with your compliance officers to ensure that data is easily accessible and transferable once collected.


Marketing and List building

Here’s the beauty of good merchandise: a single t-shirt can bring hundreds of supporters into your corner. We’ll help you craft copy and images for emails, social posts and paid advertising campaigns to find your future supporters. We’ll even run full paid ad campaigns for you— optimized for selling your merchandise.


sound up your alley?

Reach out: sales@states-made.com